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EVERY VIEW COUNTS! Hi, I'm Lena Pipes. Welcome to my little peaceful crafting galaxy! I mostly do miniature crafts for dolls and LPS. I love dollhouses and tiny realistic miniatures. My goal is to entertain you! Thank you in advance for your kind comments, they mean the world to me! A couple of facts: I'm female, Lena, my accent is Russian, no young kids at home, so it's all for you, guys :))) Sincerely Yours, Lena Pipes :) miniatures, DIY miniatures, DIY dollhouse, DIY tutorials Cosas miniatura diy para muñecas, casa de muñecas en miniatura Keywords: Doll Crafts, Monster High Doll Crafts, LPS crafts, LPS accessories, LPS furniture, Littlest PetShop Crafts, how to make doll stuff, LPS stuff, miniatures and dollhouse crafts ミニチュア工房 Я родилась и много лет жила в Москве и говорю по-русски. Ленa.